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27 October 2004

hi Iv,
how are you? I was be able to open your website and i was now inform that you have been celebrating your birthday last October 2, i just want to greet you even if its already late but still i want to say, happy happy birthday.... and I saw your new photos in you website and its
really nice , you look great and very happy, well good to all of you there and i wish you all the best! give my regards to baby Charles and to your good looking husband!
thank you ulit doon sa pinadala mo for crc nangangamusta nga pala si ma'am mae sayo... and thank din daw...Ingat!!!!!P.S ! don't forget our x'mass gift ha!

Girley (Davao City, Philippines) aubreygirl_04@yahoo.com

27 October 2004

Hi, I have been to your website a few months ago it was great then, but now it's absolutely pretty. I love your wedding photographs, it's brilliant idea to put in an easy access for the viewer and the presentation is wonderful (good example for Philippine tradition). Great to know as well that you granted some of your visitors request. Perhaps I will request too. I noticed that there is no picture of London. I always want to see London but unfortunately I can't in reality. Maybe you can make my wish come true. Daghan kaayong salamat. God bless and more power.

Maria Rosales (Argao, Cebu, Philippines)

29 October 2004

Hi ya how are you gorgeous? sorry just send a note am very busy recently, harrison's a hardwork. How's Charles and David? hope all is fine and always be... WOW!!! very well done website indeed... been exploring your guestbook very happy to see familiar names, please send my best regards to them... congratulations for the job well done... loads of love WAKIE

Jane Cervantes -Hutchings (U.K.) jrchutchings@yahoo.co.uk

3 November 2004

Thrilled to see your website, simple and yet beautiful. Regards, Ben

4 November 2004

Hi Iv's. What a small world, I didn't think I will hear anything about you after a long time since I last saw you (ten years or more?). I just get back from the Philippines , that's how I learned about your website. Knowing you was a great experience, experience that I am proud and will always be. You are not just a very attractive woman but very kind, generous and extremely courageous. You changed my perspective in life. I am now in Australia (Sydney) for 5 years. Your pictures  looks great though I think you are ten times more beautiful in person. Our friends told me that you married an intelligent man, and I'm sure very nice too. At ease to know that you are in good hands. By the way I am engage, her name is Chona. We met here and planning to get married next year, hope you can come. 

Before I sign off I would like to give you both credit for the job well done. Interesting site. Wishing you a happy life forever, Mike...

12 November 2004

Hi David, I've been visiting your web site after I've seen it on AXL aircraft site. We have some things in common. Aircraft of course and I spent 3 years studying and working in Newcastle and Teesside when you were 7-10.Also I visited Oxford only 5 months ago. Stayed for 2 weeks at Sleepin at Swavesey while on works visit. Also had time for two glider flights with Cambridge Gliding Club at Gransden Lodge. Hope to see more of your aircraft pictures. Keep up with your good work on the web. Can see my models on www.airmodel.de

il-Mosta, Malta

Carmel John Attard (carmel.j.attard@um.edu.mt)

13 November 2004

Your website is very nice. this is very well made. I'm sure guests checking here enjoy because of the pictures and your interesting stories. thanks for including us in your site. hope to see more of your pictures and stories soon...=)

Jackie (jaquimic@yahoo.com)

13 November 2004

Hello David, after reading your site I found your wife’s story very inspirational and if you put your mind to it, you can overcome anything, including poverty.



David Short (www.islandphilippines.com)

7 December 2004

Hello Ivy, hope you  remember me, we were at college together. Cecile Lozada gave me your website address before she flew to Hong Kong. I was surprised to read your life story. You are too posh to be poor. The way you presented yourself was remarkable, you were always smart (even just a t-shirt, jeans and a rubber shoes). You are such a talented person. I'm sure our teachers and classmates will agree. Everyone here says hi....They said they will sign your guestbook next time. We are looking forward to seeing you again. Maybe a college reunion? By the way, I don't think we can get our yearbook. It hasn't been paid (editor in chief has run away with our money). Thanks for all the effort, it is greatly appreciated. All the best and more power. This site is wonderful. You are very lucky to have found you dream man.


14 Dec 2004 11:05:22 -0000

Hi! Ivy this is genet i hope you still remember me one of the social work student. we are batch of sw who pass the board exam. oh think about it, Ivy congrats for your new life you choose you know I like your website. how's life at this moment?

Genet Otlang (genet_otlang@yahoo.com)

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