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4 Apr 2005 11:20:26 -0000

Ivy and David, your such a lovely couple, with one happy little boy, nice of you to share the adventures and special moments in your family life. I enjoy viewing all the family get together you guys do. Best regards...Nice website and good updates, keep it up...

(Shuck) From Australia

4 Apr 2005 20:25:28 -0000

When I looking your HP I miss my wife (live with my son in the Philippines) more. I dream that I can live with my wife and my son this year in Germany. For you the best

Manni (

5 Apr 2005 11:21:18 -0000

Hi Iv's, have you stopped writing? I really enjoyed your short stories, especially the second one (very sentimental). Your photography is getting better and better. Are you using a different camera? Is it digital? Some  of your pictures are really first class. I think you are can join your village association of photographers. Trust your talent and skills. Maybe write more stories and publish them? What do you think? I hope I am not putting pressure on you,  just a suggestion. You take care. Love to the family.


10 Apr 2005 14:48:04 -0000

Hi Ivy, Your son is so gwapo oi....Your site is pretty well done ...Naglaag laag ko sa mga websites kay way lingaw.. Found yours through surfing my friend's journal.

Jona (bookofjona@yahoo.com ) 

13 Apr 2005 01:24:48 -0000

hey girl, I always have a good time visiting your site... very
interesting and full of educational stuff... keep it up...

 (waterandfire2005@yahoo.com ) 

13 Apr 2005 15:01:43 -0000

You have a fantastic site! I love the the stuff of your tour. As if i am touring Europe too. It is very interesting indeed. You are like sitting in front of me, telling the story of your visit. It is well
arranged and the captions are excellent. What a lovely couple you are. Thank you very much for sharing your life's journey. I am delighted to know you both, even just in the cyber world. My family and I wish you
both happiness and love forever. Your son is very lucky to have a loving parents (he is a cute boy).


17 Apr 2005 09:20:46 -0000

Happy Anniversary!!!
It's hard to believe that 4 years have passed since I first came to the Philippines and met you, Ivy. Hope you have a great day on the 18th.


18 Apr 2005 08:56:24 -0000

Hi David and Ivy,

I would like to greet both of you a happy 4th wedding anniversary, Im so proud of you guys your such a wonderful couple with very active and cute son.

Marife Duebner

greetings from Germany

18 Apr 2005 10:34:28 -0000

Lovely website.  Colourful and interesting.  Keep up the good work!

Nasreen, Shah and Leila.

19 Apr 2005 19:44:35 -0000

Hi Ivy,

  I guees you knew me... Way back from Davao.. I hardly was in the net, but  since Jona gave me your page, I was hooked up with it.. He..He..He..  Too bad for all my  books.... I forget it all... By the way, leave me a message   in one of this days...  Ohh... Your   site is  so  fantastic... :))


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