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16 Jul 2006 17:28:31

Hi there..I just randomly saw your webpage and browsed through..I must say your website is very interesting! You look lovely and I have an impression that you are a lovely person as well! Keep up the good work in your website..

Chesza   cherylvincent100@hotmail.com  

17 Jul 2006 13:13:05

Ivy,ako nga pala si Mirasol taga Malabuyoc..Nakita kita last year sa Montaneza with your family..your website is beautiful..Best regards to you and your husband..

Miraso; Oliveros

23 Jul 2006 02:50:40

Hello Ivs, How are you? Hope you're well. Karon lang gyud ko kabalik to check your web. Still nice kaau mga features nimo. Pictures are great..! Charles so cute mwaah..! Gusto unta ko mag print ug mga shots pero dili man ko kbalo wik uy..hehe! I miss you a lot Ivs. I wish you all the best always. Hope to see you soon..iluvyou..

Hannah Gamino    Hannah_gamino@yahoo.com

26 Jul 2006 20:34:13

One of the finest UK/Filipina sites I have ever seen online. If you have a UK based Filipina friend pls feel free to give her my email address many thanks and regards

Jack Wallace    jack1969_uk@yahoo.co.uk 

28 Jul 2006 03:23:21

Kudos! am actually surfing what's samal island has to offer yet ended up reading ur website. Reading your life story and how twas transformed is quite unbelievable yet it EXIST! Ur such an admirable filipina woman - I SALUTE!

Carl      portstat2000@yahoo.ie

1 Aug 2006 06:51:20

I enjoyed viewing your site. I'm happy for you and for your family. I'm Reah Delaney from Kentucky, USA. Thanks for encouraging people to step forward for their lives. God bless you guys... and more power.

Reah       philippines86rl@yahoo.ie

6 Aug 2006 15:01:45 -0000

Hi Ivy and David!
I was excited to see your website. I just came from your family's house in Davao. I stayed there overnight yesterday. We have one-week training in Davao for Nestle's Infant Nutrition Department. I'm so glad to
finally meet our cousins in Davao. Michael and Oliver finally met me in person!:) I hope to go back in Davao some other time and spend more time there. God Bless You.

Your Cousin,

19 Aug 2006 15:46:16 -0000

Hi Ivy,

Im Almira Baginski and I'm from Malabuyoc.Im now living here in London for 3 months. Im also married to a Polish guy and we are still happily married. We've been married for 2 years this coming December. I saw you last year in Montaneza with your husband, and your family. What a wonderful and impressive website.

Almira Baginski (
meme19232005@yahoo.com ) 

25 Oct 2006 21:51:54 -0000

Hi Ivy,

I love your web address :-)... 'day ivy, palihog ra ug e-mail nako if
you ever get a chance kay aron mag-miga ta ha :-)



6 Jan 2007 03:42:54 -0000

Belated merry christmas and happy new year.good luck and God bless....by the way im a friend of marianita lerasan.and we access ur website and me and my ate are amused in ur pic..and we apprecite
the beauty of the sorrounding there..and ate told us  that hopefully she will go there soon...u know ate is my friend want to send u an email but shes not already an email ad .and she said regards to u and thank very much for everything and happy new year


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