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12 August 2004   

Hi Sis, nice website. How are you? naana ko sa Cebu abot ko pagka myerkules fiesta this monday adto ko suya ka no? ingats nalang dyan. love you sis.

Oliver Lirasan (Davao City, Philippines

18 August 2004  

Hello Ivy, I don't know if you remember me. We went to high school together. I'm from Lombo, Johanna sent me your home page. It is very nice I enjoy viewing all the different places you've been specially the picture of your baby and your whole family.

Juanita (USA)

18 August 2004                                                                                                                  

Hi Ivy, this is Liza we were classmates (Mass Communication) at U.M. I left college after I got married, I now live in USA. As I read your biography I found out that you changed your course. You really love challenges, don't you? Anyway, I was surfing at the Internet about Philippines and I saw your URl. It is very interesting site-very educational, It is unique. Keep it up.  P.S. could I ask your contact details, I'd love to have a chat with you.

19 August 2004 

hi! david & ivy good relationship last forever!

Dennis Abides (Samar, Philippines)

23 August 2004                                                            

Hi, I'm liezl, Im joan's friend. I like your website a lot its really cool. Keep up the good work ma'am its very well done. Thank you.

Liezel Diaz (Davao City, Philippines)

26 August 2004

hi ives, thanks for giving me the add...well i love to stay in the pc during my free time and i enjoy visiting your page...it`s nice to see the pics of your friends as well because i know most of them, actually i worked with hannah in region 13 dswd before i met my husband. i got your contact through mipc friends(girlie and lindie). hope to hear more from you. good luck and send my many greetings to your love david and charles. me and my husband wish the best for the family

Lennete and Luz Neumann (Germany)

30 August 2004 

Hi Sis, How are you today? Your web is improving very well.Good job sis...See you here soon

Joanavi Lirasan (Philippines)

5 September 2004 

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to view your website, it's a success. It is really wonderful to see you happy and settling well with your new life and  and new home. I am doing fine, I already left the past behind and move on with my life. By the way I got your web add from a friend who happened to be dating with one of your friends. Best of luck for the future. He is a lucky man. You have a gorgeous son (takes after you). I shall definitely be surfing it again and again......Sayang....

A friend

16 September 2004:

Hello David and Ivy and of course Georgina and Charles. Very interesting website. It's been a pleasure knowing you guys. I am Abby originally from the Philippines but now lives in London for 25 years.  

19 September 2004:

Hi, very impressive site. Well done to both of you.                                                                                                             

19 September 2004:

Kanindot baya sa inyong website oy. Nakita lang diay nako inyong homepage pag open nako sa computer sa Internet Cafe diri sa Cebu City, Philippines. Makagigil ang inyong anak. Lami kaayong kusion. Mga gwapa gyud diay ang Cebuana.

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