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16 Sep 2005 07:59:44 -0000

  Musta na? Congrats diay sa imong new job ha!!!I do hope nga magtuloy-tuloy na na...pagtinarong baya jud intawn diha ha...

Cge diri na lang sa kutob kay wala na man gud koy masulti sa pagkakaron...na mental block man ko oy...sunod na lang pod kay magpraktis pa ko mosulti ug english...joke lang bitaw oy...regards to everyone specially to my wonderful and chaotic pamangkin...


19 Sep 2005 02:24:34 -0000

As regards the Edgar Percival, my grandfather, Jan Christie, has an EP-9 that is in beautiful condition, flies, and he has showcased it at EAA in Oshkosh, WI since it's restoration. I can send more info if anyone's interested.



21 Sep 2005 04:53:01 -0000

Howdy Y'all,

I was just browsing the web when your site accidentally showed up on my screen.  I was gonna close it out but out of curiosity, I thought I checked because the picture looks like a filipina.  And yeah, you are.  And then, I was pinned down to about 2 hours looking at the pictures and reading your family's stories.  Very nice pictures and events and of course amazing life stories.  I shared your thoughts about being poor in
life and yet rich in heart.  I know because I had the same experience way back then.  By the way, I'm from Laguna - very close to Los Baņos (where you had your honeymoon) and currently living in the US (Texas) and
working as a Telecom Engineer in a major Telecom company.  I have a wife and 2 beautiful children.

Well...Wonderful life, Isn't it!....keep it up!  Live happy and enjoy the fruit of God's blessings.


21 Sep 2005 19:00:32 -0000

Hi Ivy!
Your website looks nice. I had put my site together. It's better than it was. My address is http://www.solmark.ca You can post it if you want. I bet you had paid somebody to put it together but it looks like more
than worth it. It's very nice I like the stories that you wrote. I like fairy tales. Anyway, Good luck keep on writing while you have the time.

All the best,

2 Oct 2005 12:21:48 -0000

Hi Ivy, happy birthday, wish you good health, and all the best that life can bring, god bless and take care, regards to your family. Nice updates keep up the good work, enjoy your day...


4 Oct 2005 12:42:56 -0000

Hey Ivy,
It's Lottie.
I typed my name in google and guess what? There I was. Glad to see your
website going so well. Say Hi to Charles

Lottie Westrop

4 Oct 2005 19:20:09 -0000

Hi Ivy & David,
I'm here again in your beautiful website. I just loved reading your story. It's very interesting.www.geocities.com/eirahfletch


6 Oct 2005 18:10:53 -0000

Hi Ivy, Kamusta.I found your website by BiliranIsland.com / MissBiliranTourism. You have a very nice website. I like to read your story and looking your photos. Great job! Im from Holland and me and my
wife (both Dutch) are planning a trip to Cebu and Biliran next february. my website is about my family and garden, I hope you enjoy it. TC, Paalam and God bless.

My website:


13 Oct 2005 22:48:42 -0000

Hello Ivy,

I surfed in to your wonderful site.l love it. l will come back. Greetings from The Netherlands Guusje.


14 Oct 2005 02:23:06 -0000

Hello there,

  I really enjoyed my time browsing your site! you have a lovely wedding photos! ( I had to laugh about the pathetic mixed up about your husband David with your father doing the "Amen!" hahahaha) anyway, I sure
enjoyed my time here though. come and visit me at my humble place if you got time. the link is:
www.minnieg.bravehost.com and oh, I've created a filipina wives group in  yahoo.you are welcome to join;


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