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30 May 2005 04:25:23 -0000

Hi, hello, Its fun looking with your beautiful pictures. But I've been looking so hard to find your pictures taken in Yorkshire with Bea. Kumosta ang life in England. Ok ra puy-an way samok. I'm happy that you visited Bea in Yorkshire at least di kayo cya ma homesick. For me I'm ok and have 2 kids. I'm living now in Talisay City, Cebu. When are you going back here in the Philippines. Pls text me when you are here. This is my cel no.xxxxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxxxx. Best regards to all of you.
Bye for now.


beflibra@yahoo.com  (Cebu, Philippines)

3 Jun 2005 06:22:33 -0000

My wife (Evelyn Baluyut) were married April 1st, 2005, in Tarlac City.  We came across your website looking for maps of the Philippines.

Ken Blytheii

5 Jun 2005 03:25:48 -0000

Hi Ivy and David! I found this wonderful website of yours when I was surfing the internet to find out what's the best resort in Bantayan. Me and my husband will be coming home in Cebu in two weeks. Anyway, I'm just so happy to find this site..a nostalgia of being away too long from our country.. and miss the language...kumusta ka day? I even forgot the search for that resort and was too caught up in here browsing all the pictures. Wonderful to know that you are full of love as a couple....were so lucky to find our man who loves us deeply.. I like this very idea to have a website for my friends and family to be updated of my life with my husband away from Cebu. I hope you can help me to start my own one. Thanks a lot. All the best to you both and to your cute angel Charlie.

Missy Battenschlag


6 Jun 2005 14:20:17 -0000

hi. im nielraz lirazan. i have my roots in nagbalaye, negros oriental. I, too, is in the process of stitching up my family lineage. i thought maybe we could help each other out. I have just talked to a
certain pedrito lerasan on the phone and i learned that their original surname was indeed lirazan but because people back then werent really particular about the spelling, the surname eventually became lirazan. our
progenitor in nagbalaye is calixto lirazan, a spanish mestizo who got separated from his siblings when world war II broke out. he eventually got settled in nagbalaye since then. i asked pedrito about his deceased grandfather and he told me that it was domingo lirazan.from pedrito's description, it appears that domingo is one of calixto's siblings. by the way, pedrito's origin is oslob, cebu. i hope you could help me patch
things up. feel free to send me a message at either my e- mail address.northern_kite@yahoo.com or thru friendster messaging. thanks


16 Jun 2005 15:31:42 -0000

Hi Ivy,
i found ur page through Johanna site. when i saw ur photo fr the 1st time just like ive already seen u, i'm thinking about where, Ya that's right remember last march at Ghent City Belgium at the parking lot, i was
looking at u then en ur husband smile to us, i'm with my husband and our 5yrs.old son. by the way ur site is fantastic, how do you create that hehe of course of ur being geanous hehe!ur son is so adorable, so cute,
nice photos of ur family en friends! Goodluck Ivy, regards to ur husband en cute Son!

Mye (kelthy10@yahoo.com)

20 Jun 2005 12:29:53 -0000

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22 Jun 2005 21:01:34 -0000

How wonderful site..i love it so much..it's so unique..it show how powerful love you have there..keep up good works

Ghazala from EGYPT (ghazalaegypt@yahoo.com ) 

28 Jun 2005 21:17:26 -0000

Ivy e David, parabéns pela linda  familia, belo site  e flores maravilhosas. Aguardo sua visita ao meu site  www.ecildart.art.br



1 Jul 2005 18:34:22 -0000

I like your website also your personality. You remind me of my second to the oldest sister. Because of poverty, she decided to take her faith to the other island. She work and go to school at the same time. Because of her persistence and wanting to get out from poverty, she manage to finished school and got married. She is here now in the US working as head nurse in ICU unit. I am proud and grateful of people like you, whom don't make being poor as an excuse for not being successful. Keep up the good work and please don't forget where you came from.


11 Jul 2005 01:21:26 -0000
Hello Ivy,
Thank you for sharing your pictures to us.. i do enjoy viewing all of it. you have a nice web site... keep it up and more power to both of
you...please visit my web site when you get a change. www.muntingtahanan.com


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