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Ivy Inoc Lirazan-Bell

     I was born on 2 October 1977 in Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines in a tiny nipa (palm house.I have three brothers and two sisters; I am the fourth child of the family and  grew up in extreme poverty. Because my   parents could not afford to send us to school, my brothers, my sister Irene and I needed to earn the money for our education. We did this by selling things like firewood and fish , doing cleaning jobs and so on. I was often humiliated because of our poverty. I am very thankful though to the people who put me down. Because of them I became very strong, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

I went first to Malabuyoc Central Elementary School in Cebu, and for secondary education to Perpetual Succour Academy. After that, I moved to Davao, the second largest city in the Philippines, where my elder sister was already working. I became a working student, working for Mr Sergio Rodriguez doing general household chores while at the same time studying for a BS in Social Work at the University of Mindanao. I graduated in November 1999. I took and passed my professional Board examination in June of the following year, so I am now a registered social worker.

I met David in August 2000 in Davao, while he was on holiday after a business trip. We became engaged on 14 February 2001 and got married in April. I moved to England in August that year.

My hobbies include shopping, surfing the Internet, photo editing, writing (short stories, essays and articles, etc.) walking in the countryside, travel, cooking (name it. you got it), photography and collecting stamps & coins.

I was a member of MASSCOM students Society in 1994-1995, UMASWS  (University of Mindanao Association of Social Work Students) mid 1995- 1999,  President of the Senior Social Work Students SY 1999/2000 and  a Community, Youth and Women Organiser during my last year at College (1998-1999). I became involved in various activities (working with the disadvantaged and less fortunate people in the Society) before then. I was a student volunteer of Panaghiusa-Kadamay  Davao (a community based People's Organization in Davao City, Philippines) and GABRIELA-DAVAO (Womens' Empowerment Organisation).    I am a member of Philippine Association of Social Workers (2000 to present) and the British Association of Social Workers (2002 until at present).


MY MOTTO: `Poverty is not a fate nor a punishment, but a condition that can be changed'.  "POVERTY is not a hindrance to better education"                                                                                       

Note: GABRIELA was the wife of DIEGO SILANG (one of our Philippine heroes) who fought and died to liberate Philippines from the Spanish. After his death she went to battle. She became one of the bravest Philippine heroines.