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Kruger Park

The Kruger National Park is the biggest, best known and perhaps the most diverse of the South Africa parks. It is a superb national asset and is well managed. The full range of South Africa's native wildlife is represented here including;


Impala (very plentiful)....

Lions are plentiful and fearless! they spend most of the day resting so can best be seen in the twilight and early morning.

Cheetah crossing the road.

Kudu are much bigger than Impala- and quite oblivious of traffic...

Ground Hornbill convinced that he owns the road.
The Drakensberg mountains are like a spine, running down the Eastern side of South Africa. The effects of erosion are very evident in many areas of this ancient range.

   The Pilanesburg National Park lies to the North of the capital, Pretoria. It is adjacent to Sun City, a `holiday resort' noted for golf and gambling. It is close to the border with Lesotho. While not as big as Kruger, its wildlife abounds and most of the major mammal species can be found here.

A pride of lions walking along the road.

Jacaranda trees have stunning purple blossom, which makes large areas of the country look wonderfully cheerful at the right time of the year.

Wildlife is not confined to the nature reserves. This crane seems to enjoy being on the golf course.

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