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Scotland is an ancient land, wild, rugged and beautiful. It comprises the northern part of the island of Britain (England being the southern part and Wales the western). We only had a very short time available, so were restricted to the low-lying area near the English border. Click the photographs to see more ....

The border crossing between England and Scotland at Carter Bar. This is a pass over the Cheviot hills, which lie like a barrier between the two countries. A Scottish piper was there to welcome visitors. Charles was very interested in the bagpipes - a traditional Scottish instrument, which some people love and some hate. It is played by inflating a bag with air, which then deflates through sounding tubes called `skirls' and a lower tube on which the music is played, like a turbocharged flute. Note also the formal Scottish costume. The most striking part of this is the kilt, a little like a skirt but with tremendous historical significance. The precise pattern on the kilt (tartan) indicates precisely which clan (extended family) the wearer belongs to. Wearing a kilt you are not entitled to is one of the worst social errors a Scotsman can make. The bag on the front is a sporran, used for carrying money and other valuables.

On the border between England and Scotland. Even though this is a low pass in the hills, the views over the Scottish lowlands towards Edinburgh are stunning.

Ivy and Charles on the border. Behind, some of the Cheviot hills can be seen. The highest is `the Cheviot', which rises to 2,675 feet.

The small border town of Jedburgh, seen from the hill overlooking the town. In the foreground is the ruined abbey.

Jedburgh Castle is still in use as an administrative centre. It was once a stronghold of Mary, Queen of Scots, granddaughter of Henry VII of England and mother of King James VI of Scotland, who later became James I of England.


Jedburgh Abbey was founded by King David I of Scotland in 1118 as an Augustinian Priory. It was elevated to the status of an abbey 1147. It was burned as part of the regular border warfare in the early sixteenth century, and ultimately suppressed in 1559. The ruins still dominate the town.

Jedforest Park is a nature reserve and animal park near Jedburgh. It was almost impossible to induce Charles to leave the childrens' play area, set amid woodland of Scots pines.

Charles' first ride on a tractor! This was in one of the barns in the Jedforest park.



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