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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, at 998 square miles, is one of the smallest countries in Europe (only the Vatican, Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Malta and Andorra being smaller). It consists largely of the capital, also called Luxembourg, where the bulk of the country's 422,000 inhabitants live. The hilly countryside is attractive and includes some wine growing areas. The main business is banking.

As with Reims, Luxembourg's cathedral dominates the city skyline. It is of a much more austere style than the gothic splendour of Reims and dominates the city skyline.

Unusual corner turret on a house in the centre. Note also the crests around the top of the stonework.

The steep sided, squared roofs are characteristic of Central European architecture from the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The town square is dominated by this marvellous bronze equestrian statue.

Luxembourg is built on a river gorge. It felt strange to be able to look down onto the roofs of tall houses.

Imposing clock tower seen from the other side of the gorge.


Statue of the Grand Duchess Charlotte, standing to the North of the Cathedral

A fine house on the main square. Note the sentry box to the right.

The War Memorial is a gilded statue on top of a massive pillar overlooking the gorge.

Statues of Bravery and Death at the foot of the war memorial.

Wide arch bridge spanning the gorge

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