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Argentina is a vast, diverse country, ranging from the almost tropical North to the rugged cold wilderness of Tierra del Fuego. Outside Buenos Aires, the capital, it is relatively sparsely populated. So, much of the scenery and wildlife is as yet relatively unspoilt.

Argentina has a strong Welsh connection. It is slightly surreal to be travelling in the plains of Patagonia and come across a sign advertising the `Cardiff tea rooms' in a mixture of Welsh and Spanish.

San Carlos de Bariloche (or Bariloche for short) is a winter sports resort in the Andes. The scenery is stunning, the air crisp andclear.


The Peninsula Valdes is a haven for wildlife, especially in the Spring and Summer (September to January). Whales, seals and sea lions, penguins and many other varieties of sea birds abound. The island shown is the aptly named Isla de los Pajaros (Bird Island).

Many of the rock formations in the Andes have eroded into bizarre shapes. One area is sufficiently peculiar as to have acquired the name `valle encantado' (enchanted valley).

The vast Atlantic coast contains huge swathes of unspoilt beach, but is mostly too cold to be developed for water sports.

The wonderful, quiet forests of the Andes contain many waterfalls, often fed by melting snow from the higher peaks.

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