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GERMANY- From mediaeval times until the middle of the 19th century, Germany consisted of many different principalities. Local barons had immense power. In particular, many trade routes were dominated by castles, from which the barons extracted tolls and taxes from all passers by. This castle stands on a hill beside the Mosel, a lovely scenic valley and a fine wine producing area.

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Trier is an ancient town on the banks of the river Rhine, near the border between Germany and Luxembourg. It was an ancient Roman settlement. The basilica on the left was built during the reign of the Roman emperor Constantine, and has been in continuous use as a place of worship ever since. In the foreground is the magnificent Baroque palace of the Elector Palatine. He was one of the hereditary nobles responsible for the election of Holy Roman Emperors. This office was largely symbolic, but carried with it the very important duty of protecting the Pope.

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German Church architecture is very different from English. Note the ornate pinnacles and the spire with different angles of pitch. Note also the cross at the very top.

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