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CAMP JOHN HAY- Baguio City, a former US Army base given back to the Philippines in 1991 and including a golf course, swimming pools and restaurants.  
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beautiful sunset at ROXAS BOULEVARD

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CAVETI- where the Philippine Republic was proclaimed in 12 June 1898 and a residence of the first Philippine President Emillio Aguinaldo.
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LAGUNA- The large lake in Luzon is Laguna de Bay. Manila stands on the shores of Laguna to one side and the sea to the other. At the Southern end of the lake is the district of Laguna, where there are resorts with hot volcanic springs.
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INTRAMUROS- one of the oldest places in the Philippines, constructed in 1571. 
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MALABUYOC-about 75 miles from CEBU CITY, on the west coast of Cebu Island, overlooking Negros.
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DAVAO CITY- is one of the fastest growing cities in Philippines.
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 ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL- a crystal clear sea, excellent for diving.