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.HEXHAM ABBEY- photo taken from the balcony at David's parents house. 

Hexham, Northumberland. 2 September 2004

The small border town of Jedburgh, seen from the hill overlooking the town. In the foreground is the ruined abbey.

Scotland. 1 September 2004

Hidden in the remote valley of the River Skell, about twenty miles west of Rievaulx, is its daughter abbey, Fountains. It was described as `a place more fitted for wild beasts than men'. The ruined tower stands gaunt and grim against the skyline, above a sequence of picturesque man-made lakes. One can easily imagine mediaeval battles being fought on the lawns .....

Castle Howard, like many grand English houses, has various lakes and fountains in the grounds.


Remarkably, most of the old City wall survives. It is possible to walk along large stretches of it. The Minster, seen in the background, stands out as a landmark from many positions.