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 A happy marriage is a long converstaion which always seems too short

Michael and Jacquelyn exchanged their marriage vows on Thursday 22 July 2004 at 2:00 in the afternoon at Sta. Ana Shrine Parish, Sta Ana Davao City Philippines. The reception followed at the Bride's residence.

Motif: PERRYWINKLE                                        Attire: FORMAL

''For two  travelers who walk alone, Love has beaten doubt, together we will stand looking back on the road, Hand in Hand, Eye to Eye, Soul to Soul.''


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With God's blessings, marriages are planned in heaven   and take place on earth... Family and friends from near   and far, well come on our special day. To celebrate our new life together, as our hearts will become one as always... Hand in Hand and side by side we walk through the path of life. When on this day we share our dreams and they pronounce as husband and wife.



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WITH GROOM'S PARENTS (Mr & Mrs Juanito Lirazan)
With their primary sponsors: Mrs. Anastacia D. Arbon; Mrs Philippa Wealands Eleptico; Mrs. Mariza D. Jamalul, CPA; Mrs. Delma Gentapan, CPA; Mrs. Myrna Delantein; Mrs. Jocelyn Brillos; Mrs Elena Deocareza.

Mr. Daniel Bague; Engr. Manuel Ipong; Engr. Jesus Barrientos; Engr. Arnulfo Deniega; Mr. Epifanio Micutuan; Mr. Mamerto Bague Jr.; Mr. Vivencio Cadorna.

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front left: Gerricks and Ren-Ren. Second row from left: Joanavi, Xena, Oliver, bride, groom, Philippa. groom's Dad. back row from left: groom's Mum, Arnolf Jhon, Brian, Eman & Michael

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With their secondary sponsors and groom's parents and Philippa (David's sister):

Bestman: Oliver Lirazan

Maid Of Honour: Hillyphe A Burlat

Groom's men: Brian Molina; Arnolf Jhon A. Bague; Emmanuel Pardillo; &Jake T. Duran 

Bride's maids: Joanne D. Arbon; Jenevive D. Arbon; Jonah Mae A. Bague; & Joanavi Lirazan

Ring bearer: Gerricks Lerasan

Bible bearer: Renz John Ford Basas

Flower girls: Jane Xena Lerasan; Mary Grace A. Gacang; Nikki Victoria L. Gacang & Marielle Ann A. Bague

Couple with bride's parents and only sister PIE.

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Especial thanks:

Light their path of life: Janice Mae C. Eway & Jun-Jun Almadin; Enfold them with the veil of unity: Morielle Faye  B. Mariano & Michael Molina; Joined them with their cord of love: Tara Joy B. Mariano & Ariston Arado Jr.; Treasure bearer: Mac Devin A. Bague; Usherettes: Venus Burlat, Ivy Gasang, Joanne D. Arbon & Dinnabelle A. Gacang.

First reading: Jeanette D. Arbon; Responsorial Paslm: Analyn Mictuan; Second reading: Mary Grace Viscarra; Gifts offerers: Mitzi Santacera, Genevive A. Micutuan, Nenita A. Boloron & Cherry Amor A. Boloron.

The make up artist & every one involved in the decorations of the church, the officiating priest, choir, camera men, and most especially to the people who were involved in the preparation of the food.