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In the Philippines ...

Whether being picked up by Kuya Ren-Ren, or supervised by a doting mother, Charles enjoyed his first Christmas in the Philippines. He looked very smart in his first bow tie and waistcoat.
Tricycles are still a common form of transport in the Philippines. They normally travel short set routes, though many can be hired for any journey, like a taxi. By Western standards they are astoundingly cheap. It is amazing how many people can sometimes be squeezed into the back of one of these!

Charles wasn't quite sure about them, but had Mummy to reassure him

Charles in Ivy's parents' house in Davao. Here we see a good example of cross-cultural communication. Charles is a guest in a foreign country. He speaks no Tagalog (well, he doesn't speak much English yet either, but he understands it), and English is not his cousins' first language; yet Charles is determined to try and dismantle his cousins, and they are happy to let him!
It's sad to go .... Charles is just checking the suitcase to make sure we haven't forgotten to pack anything. 
No matter how long there is to wait at an airport for a transfer, no matter how little there is to do, and no matter where you are in the world, the availability of ice cream does a lot to help. (Dubai Airport on our way back to England)