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Second Year Firsts In the Philippines

Charles first year was very stressful. When he was two months he developed a skin problem (atopic eczema). Simultaneously with this starting, he stopped gaining weight: his weight was constant for several months before it slowly started rising again. Ivy was working in a very unfriendly shift pattern and David was often travelling abroad. Our life revolved around work, hospital, seeing the dermatologist and dietician. But all our prayers, perseverance and hard work paid off. Our son now is developing well, and his eczema is under control. He was walking when he was 8 months and started chattering when he was 11 months. His first words are  ' I LOVE YOU'.

Charles first birthday.. please click photos for a closer look.

Charles' first Birthday was to have been spent in the Philippines. Sadly, Ivy wasn't well, so the trip was postponed at short notice until Christmas. Charles' actual first birthday was therefore spent quietly at home with Mummy, Daddy and a large amount of cake.

If  Charles becomes an interior decorator, no doubt one of his regular recommendations for a furnishing scheme will be `cake coloured'

Charles birthday cake in the Philippines.


Christmas Eve of 2003 at Ivy's parents house in Dona Pilar, Davao City, Philippines.



Charles miscellaneous photographs when he was one

designing his first website

Pretending that he is James Bond


Tickling Mummy

a very smart little thingy.

Do I look like a little genius?

Practising the wicked look.

Mummy likes photography, and I'm her model.

These photographs were taken the day after his second birthday with Mummy and sister Georgina as he resumed opening his birthday presents, and helping his sister tidy up.

Charles likes tickling people. Another of his victims..

Posing with some of his presents, including the flashing bouncy dodecahedron.

Mummy isn't one of the presents, but Charles might think she was....

Helping Georgina rearrange the furniture.

Careful going through that door ...

Charles at two. to see more click second year.

Charles enjoys painting...

....and Daddy enjoys clearing up  the mess

His new stick comes in useful

when walking across rough country

or just having a little rest.