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Grace Food

Wine and Cake

Slicing of the wedding cake. And the first time David had taken his eyes off Ivy since the ceremony began (but not for long).

Bouquet and Garter

As in England, there is a superstition in the Philippines that the one to catch the Bride's bouquet will be the next bride.  Jellyn caught the bouquet.

This is one Philippine tradition which is completely different from England! In fact David had very little idea of what he was supposed to do at this point. The bride wears a garter, which the groom has to find; he then throws it over his shoulder for the unmarried male guests to catch, similarly to the Bride's bouquet. And after a bit of searching David actually did find it.

Jessie caught the garter.


Wedding Bell

Wedding Bell. It was theoretically supposed to contain two white doves, to be released after the ceremony. Unfortunately the doves escaped while being put into the bell! So we put chocolates and coins into it instead (which disconcerted David when they landed on his head!). Hence the scramble from the audience ...

Opening our first two presents:

WEDDING PRESENTS: photo frame was given by Mr. and Mrs. Soren Pedersen and the photo album by Miss Luz Cosep.


Ivy was a bit emotional.

First Dance