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On the Aisle

Primary Sponsors

This is somewhat different from in England. Primary sponsors  act as second parents to guided the couple through the uncharted rapids of married life - much as Godparents do for children.

Secondary Sponsors

Secondary sponsors  include the Bridesmaids, but also include a maid of honour, a flower-girl to shower flowers in the aisle as a blessing, and a ring bearer.

Groom and his sister Bride with her parents

The Groom received the Bride from her parents

Joanavi (Ivy's younger sister) held the bouquet to the bride.

David was supposed to be blessed by Ivy's father. But having only seen it once at rehearsal, being a pathetic moron he got it the wrong way round.

Ivy's father decided to let him have her, in spite of everything.


The Sermon.


The nerve racking bit. ( Saying I DO's). David should not have been so anxious at this point..

... and should not have tried to swallow the microphone when his turn came.

David asked Ivy to be his lawful wife.

The veil and the cord are to symbolise the binding of the couple together for all eternity. This is a deeper and more serious point than in England, there being no official recognition of divorce in the Philippines.

Our Treasures. Another uniquely Philippine tradition! The `treasures' symbolise the treasure each has found in the other.

The treasure consists of twelve coins in a woven basket. It should be kept intact in the couple's home, to avoid bad luck.   

Ivy putting the ring on David.

David, thanks God put the ring on the right finger.

The Wedding Vows.

Husband and Wife

Signing of the Register

Yes, I've got him now!!!

David was checking if Ivy signed.

Mrs. Natividad Fortich