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David in a Zlin 226 at Stoneacre Farm, 1977. The pilot. Ladislaw Bezak, was World Aerobatic Champion in the early 1970s; he invented the aerobatic maneouvre called the Lomcovac. He had escaped from the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia in this Zlin, with his wife and children, being pursued by Czech MiG jet fighters. The Zlin still had patches over some of the bullet holes. He was staying at Harry's (David's father's cousin) farm temporarily en route to Canada, where he coached their national aerobatic team.

David (back row, second from the right) at summer camp at RAF Kinloss in the north of Scotland. The aircraft in the background is a Nimrod anti-submarine patrol aircraft.

David (centre front) on Summer camp at RAF Laarbruch, in Germany. The aircraft is a Hawker Hunter, one of the most elegant jet fighters ever built.

David and Philippa in 1973, seen on top of Hay Tor on Dartmoor, near Exeter.

David at 9. (London, England) The statue is the Sphinx on the Embankment.


Taken at Kidlington, Oxford.

In a punt on the River Cam near Cambridge.

At a Charity concert in Windsor Castle. 

Being introduced to Princess Alexandra by Raymond Salisbury-Jones.

Taken by Georgina at Twycross Zoo.


Aedes Christi Lodge at their annual Oxford meeting in the mid 1990s.

Christ Church, Oxford.

The statue of Mercury stands on a podium in the middle of the fountain. In the background you see the great hall,  designed for Cardinal Wolsey, who founded the college in the 1520s. Wolsey Tower is to the left.

A view of Tom Quad in Christ Church, showing the pond (Mercury) and the gateway under Tom Tower. Great Tom is a gigantic bell, weighing more than ten tons, which tolls 101 times at five past nine every night, traditionally to summon the scholars of Christ Church back to the college.

Note the absence of the statue from the podium: it had been removed by riotous undergraduates.

The River Cherwell, in Oxford, from Christ Church Meadow.Oxford is fortunate in having many havens of tranquility which aid thought, unless they are overcrowded with students trying to find somewhere to think, or with tourists trying to gawp at them.

A very unusual Oxford room. The top room in the Old Library in Christ Church was David's room in his final year. The ceiling panels had been painted in the early 17th century with coats of arms of many Royal houses of Europe with Oxford connections.

Close-up of one of the ceiling panels in Old Library 15. This one is Anne of Denmark, wife of King James VI of Scotland and I of England.



Christ Church is unique among the Oxford colleges in that its College chapel is also Oxford Cathedral. The spire and nave are viewed here from Christ Church Meadow on a crisp winter morning.